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Play is the way! For decades the Waiuku Toy Library has provided low-cost toys to our local community, so whanau like yours can support their childrens’ growth and development through play.

Your support of the Waiuku Toy Library means:

🚂 Your precious tamariki from birth up to age 8 have access to high-quality, low-cost toys, games and puzzles to enhance their development and meet their changing play needs.

🚂 A truly sustainable way to let children play, toy library membership reduces your environmental footprint. You purchase fewer ‘keep toys’, instead getting regular ‘hire toys’ to keep them happy and learning. WTL is committed to sourcing the highest-quality toys made of sustainable or recycled materials whenever possible.

🚂 Our regular local events provide whanau with an opportunity to network and connect with their community right from the start.


Your Toy Library needs your help!

🚂 The Waiuku Toy Library is a registered charity depending on volunteer assistance to run and maintain a smooth operation for kids and their families.

🚂 We have a number of incentivised memberships in return for your involvement with the committee. We get that you have littlies (so do we!) so we only ask for as much help as you can manage. Many hands make light work. Talk to us today!

🚂 Lending the Toy Library a little time is a fun way to give back to your community, meet new friends and have a say in where the Toy Library is headed. We really appreciate you considering helping out! Email waiukutoylib@gmail.com for more info, or chat to the duty librarian.

Party Coming Up?

🚂 The Waiuku Toy Library offers a variety of party hire items to keep your little party-goers entertained.

🚂 Non-members are welcome. Please enquire! waiukutoylib@gmail.com or find us on Facebook @waiukutoylibrary


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