C03: Oogly Googly Motorized Gears

Oogly Googly Motorized Gears photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 83
  • Age: 4+years
  • Rent: $1.00
  • Donated by: Papakura Toy Library
  • Storage: : Plastic Storage Container


Build buggy-eyed motor powered creatures!


10 x blue six-way axles
10 x red pillars with inserted red peg
2 x red pillars
3 x blue spring connectors
1 x large green eyeball
2 x small blue eyeballs
1 x purple crown gear
2 x small yellow gears
2 x small pink gears
3 x small purple gears
2 x small orange gears
3 x small green gears
4 x small blue gears
2 x small red gears
1 x medium green gear
1 x medium orange gear
1 x medium purple gear
1 x medium yellow gear
1 x large yellow gear
4 x yellow L connectors
8 x green pillars
10 x purple pillar connectors
1 x orange angle connector
2 x yellow balls with antenna
1 x green & purple bendy wire
2 x green alien hands
1 x yellow motor with attached red remote
2 x instruction booklets