TH154: Little Tikes Fell Tower

Little Tikes Fell Tower photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: TH
  • No Pieces: 20
  • Age: 1+ years
  • Rent: $0.50
  • Donated by: Papakura Toy Library
  • Storage: : Plastic Storage Container


Build up the tower and knock it down with ease with your dino wrecking ball or hit the button and it self destructs! 13" Apatosaurus dino has a soft vinyl body, is fully articulated, and makes greeting and working sounds. Includes 2 poseable “cave dudes,” a removable crane/wrecking ball, a wrecking tail with wrecking ball, driver and operator seats, and 16 tower pieces — one of our safe and fun new dinosaur play sets.


1 x Talking Dinosaur

1 x Orange Base

4 x Tree Stumps

1 x Beige Base

4 x Grey Rock Tower

1 x Purple Base

3 x Square Blocks

1 x Orange Basket

2 x Leaves

2 x People

Tags: Dinosaur